Hanan Bar Sela

Hanan Bar-Sela, Artistic Director
Hanan Bar Sela is a clarinetist and saxophone player with a unique style for klezmer music and Jewish soul music. Mr. Bar Sela is a graduate of the “Midrasha” Music Academy in Tel Aviv majoying in orchestral and choir conducting.
Hanan served as Artistic Director of the International Klezmer Festival in Safed for 12 years (2001-2013) and currently serves as Artistic Director of the Jerusalem International Klezmer Festival for the fifth year (2013-2018) and the Clarinet and Klezmer international Master Classes in the Galilee (2003-2018). He is also the artistic director of the International Klezmer Festival in Revava (Shomron Regional Council).

Hanan Bar Sela's musical activity is versatile and combines styles, he performed on stages around the world, as well as in various radio and television productions, he also performed as soloist in concerts of Jewish soul music / Klezmer. A partial list of his past and present roles includes among other things: the artistic management of the Israel Heritage Department of the Israeli Television (Channel 1), recording and production of dozens of musical art works featuring Jewish and klezmer music styles, recording a series of radio programs of Jewish music for ORF Radio Austria station, artistic director of the performance tribute to the chief cantor of the IDF “Midot U’madim”, the director of Nehora – the Israeli Film Institute on Jewish themes (1997-1999), the director of “Kol Hai” Radio (2009-2012), Director of the Golem Theater Ltd. – Musical in Prague (2002-2004), Director of musical productions of the Libi Foundation (1997-1999), Artistic director of "Celebrating 60 for Ehud Manor" With some of the best Israeli artists and other engagements.

Featured collaborations:
Maestro Giora Feidman, Maestro Raul Haurana (New York) Corrado Giuffredi (La Scala Opera House), Eddie Daniels (New York), Boris Allakhverdyan (Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra) Maestro Philip Cooper (Paris Opera) Maestro Helmut Heizel (Berlin), Yehoram Gaon, Hanan Ben Ari, Shlomo Gronich, Kobi Oz, Ariel Zilber, Yonatan Razel, Golan Azulay and many more.

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